Mary Earps’ Goalkeeper Shirt Snubbed By Nike

The exclusion of England’s star goalkeeper, Mary Earps, from having a dedicated goalkeeper shirt by Nike has sparked outrage and disappointment among fans and supporters of women’s football. Despite Earps’ offer to personally fund the selling of her Lionesses goalkeeper shirt, Nike has failed to recognise the commercial potential of this talented athlete and has left her and her supporters frustrated. But what are the implications of Nike’s kit snub? Why is the importance of recognising women’s football still being overlooked and will the determination of Mary Earps to prove them wrong.

A Blatant Oversight Of The Demand For Mary Earps’ Goalkeeper Shirt

As one of the world’s leading sports brands, Nike’s failure to provide a dedicated goalkeeper shirt for Mary Earps is a glaring oversight and an indication of the persisting gender bias in the footballing world. The fact that the goalkeeper herself has offered to fund the selling of her own shirt highlights the commitment and passion she holds for the sport. However, Nike’s unwillingness to seize this opportunity to support women’s football raises questions about their dedication to gender equality in sports.

Earps has been a team favourite at WSL club Manchester United since 2019 and added, “My shirt on the Manchester United website was sold out last season…It was the third-best-selling shirt, so who says it is not selling?”.

Mary Earps: The World’s Best Goalkeeper:

Mary Earps’ impressive performance as England’s No.1 goalkeeper is undeniable. Her skill and talent have earned her recognition as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and she has received awards to cement this fact. Yet, despite her remarkable abilities and growing fan base, Nike has failed to acknowledge her commercial potential and contribution to the sport.

Spurring Earps On:

Rather than dampening her spirits, the kit snub may have served as fuel for Mary Earps’ determination to prove Nike wrong. Her outstanding opening game performance against Haiti showcased her abilities and her determination to shine in the World Cup. As fans increasingly demand her jersey, Nike may have to reconsider their decision and produce the much-desired Lionesses goalkeeper shirt.

A Missed Shot for Nike:

By overlooking Mary Earps and her fans’ demands, Nike is not only failing one individual player but also missing out on a significant commercial opportunity. With a growing number of adoring fans eager to wear her shirt, the brand could have capitalised on the popularity of women’s football and promoted gender equality in the sports apparel industry.

The Pleasure of Being a Goalkeeper:

Mary Earps’ desire to highlight the joys and excitement of being a goalkeeper is commendable. In football, the focus is often on strikers and scorers, but the art of goalkeeping deserves equal recognition. Earps’ passion for her position and her efforts to inspire young football fans should be supported and celebrated, rather than overlooked.

What the ‘Mary Earps Goalkeeper shirt snub’ represents

The failure of Nike to provide Mary Earps with a dedicated goalkeeper shirt is a disappointing example of the ongoing gender bias in the sports industry. As the world of women’s football continues to grow, it is essential for sports brands like Nike to recognise the commercial potential and talent of female athletes. Mary Earps’ outstanding performances and unwavering commitment to her sport deserve respect and acknowledgment.

Nike must take this as an opportunity to rectify their mistake and embrace the potential of women’s football. As fans continue to rally behind Mary Earps and her desire to showcase the thrill of goalkeeping, it is time for the brand to back-pedal on their decision and support the empowerment of women in sports. The focus should be on recognising the talent, dedication, and achievements of female athletes, ensuring that football truly becomes a sport for all.

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