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Dedicated to celebrating the incredible impact of women in football, both on and off the pitch, Girls That Tackle is your go-to destination for all things women’s football and the inspiring social and political change it drives. We believe that women have a significant role to play in shaping not just the game, but society as a whole.

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Leicester City WFC: The Team You Can’t Ignore in the WSL

Leicester City WFC

The Women’s Super League (WSL) is where football dreams collide, and this season, there’s a team that’s turning heads and making everyone sit up. Leicester City Women’s Football Club, once seen as underdogs, is now a force to be reckoned with in the 2023-2024 season. In this wild ride, we’ll take you through their incredible journey, their fantastic start to the season, and why they’re the team that will keep you shouting at the TV.

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Mary Earps’ Goalkeeper Shirt Snubbed By Nike

mary earps goalkeeper shirt

The exclusion of England’s star goalkeeper, Mary Earps, from having a dedicated goalkeeper shirt by Nike has sparked outrage and disappointment among fans and supporters of women’s football. Despite Earps’ offer to personally fund the selling of her Lionesses goalkeeper shirt, Nike has failed to recognise the commercial potential of this talented athlete and has left her and her supporters frustrated. But what are the implications of Nike’s kit snub? Why is the importance of recognising women’s football still being overlooked and will the determination of Mary Earps to prove them wrong.

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